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The Freeze House Tradition

With the opening of The Freeze House, the Montagues are continuing a tradition of hospitality in Western North Carolina.  This tradition began, according to available records, sometime around 1870 in a rural area near Asheville, known as Brush Creek.  Mollie and Jess Williams, parents of Mrs. Freeze, were proprietors of a large farm and opened their home to summer visitors who were escaping the heat of the cities in summer.  The house was large, with wrap around porches and tall shade trees.  Brush Creek babbling nearby was a great place to wade in the hot summer.  There was no electricity or indoor plumbing, but the summer visitors seemed to enjoy the ambiance, the country cooking, and the lower temperatures.

The Freeze House Tradition

The Freeze House has the William's guest book for the years 1913 - 1919.  The pages are sprinkled with the names from Savannah, Asheville, Birmingham, Beaufort, and Atlanta.  The guests in those days indicated their age and marital status, and on occasion, profession - in 1916, Hallie Dawson, of Isle of Hope, Ga. listed herself as a vocal artist; while in the same year, Frank Williams of Savannah indicated that he was single, but "looking for trouble".  In August of 1916, Mrs. M. C. Crotty of Savannah describes herself as a "merry Widow"; in 1914, Hilda Berg of Savannah lists herself as a "school marm".  In 1915, Mae Black, also of Savannah, describes herself as an "old maid", whereas Arthur Kennickell of Winston Salem says he is "independent".

How times have changed!

The Freezes began taking in summer guests in the early 1920's.  Some early guest books exist in those years, but alas, they are limited to names and addresses.  The Freeze's daughter, Margaret, married Kay Montague, and in 1933 opened the Shamrock Inn on Main Street.  After Margaret's unexpected death, Kay moved to Franklin, and for many years, with his second wife, also Margaret, owned and operated the Dixie Grill in downtown Franklin.

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